2Sexy2Cam - Reporting a campicure and DMCA report

What is DMCA

DMCA stands for Digital Milenium Copyright Act. For our "2Sexy2Cam" adultsite this means that if the content / subject in a photograph on our livecamsite is you, you can make a official DMCA takedown request. Images on our webcamsite are kept 7 to 30 days and then removed completely. If you dont want to be displayed on sites like 2Sexy2Cam ask the live cam site you are working for to exclude your webcam images and profile from any publicity tools, or stop working as a live cam performer !

Why is my image here ?

Your photo is displayed at 2Sexy2Cam because we are advertising your video chatroom, sending you potential clients, and more income! We do not enjoy your automated DMCA takedown notices, these are hurting our camsite and our business. If you do not work for a site anymore your cam image will be automatically deleted!

2Sexy2Cam - DMCA Reports

Many times we get DMCA takedown notices to remove cammodel campics from our adultsite. Models are using cybernated applications to detect any cam pics containing their model name and DMCA reports are send to any webmasters using these webcam pictures. 2Sexy2Cam is created with a selection of livecam models from cam sites. Our livecamsite is automatically updated with data and webcam pictures from xxx cam sites, this information and images are offered as advertising tools. This means that all webcam pictures displayed on this camsite are authorized, live cam performers already gave approval to promote their photos as promotional tools to the webmaster of the main webcamsite. All images on our site are removed recurrently after 7-30 days, depending on the conditions, if the livecam performer does not use the MAIN live cam site anymore, their pictures will not be shown again. If the livecam performer only wants to be displayed on the main webcam site, they should get in touch with the helpdesk of the partner webcamsite to be excluded from any advertising tools! Our livecamsite "2Sexy2Cam" is 100% compliant with any procedures like ip address and country filtering.